Rasa Raga Sudha

Meegada Ramalinga Swamy

Dr. Ramlinga garu is working as reader in Telugu in Vizag college and having PhD in telugu. He is an actor, writer, director and music composer of dramas, all rolled in to one making him multi-talented. He is about 50 years of age. He is founder of his drama troupe “Meera jyotsna kala nikethan” in Vizag, and staging dramas throughout the state. He is the author of padyanatakams and some of the popular ones are 1)kalahastheswara mahathyam 2)Aswathama 3)Gunanidhi 4)Chiruthonda nimbi(bhaktha siriyala) 5)Nigama Sarma (from panduranga mahathyam kavyam) 6)Kunthi karna . In nandi parishaths, he won the best actor awards for the roles of nakkira, chiru thonda nimbi, nigama sarma and as best author, best director and music composer, in nandi and other parishaths, totalling about 20 awards. Some of his dramas are published and he recorded some popular padyams of various dramas in his audio CD “Telugu Velugu Jilugu” .

Recently he won Lok Nayak Foundation Award 2018 for his work in 'padyanatakams' (Verse Dramaas). He is the creator of 'Sangeeta Navavadhanam' (different scholars will ask the Navavadhani to recite poems in the `raga' suggested by them)

Dr Ramalinga Garu in his own words


I have been acting in Poetic Drama in Telugu which is a unique form of theatre art. I have wide experience of about 47 years in the field as an artiste, playwright, director, music director, harmonist, make-up artiste, singer, orator, critic and producer. So far, I have written over 109 books(23 Verse Dramas, 22 social dramas, 19 Prabandha Playlets, 14 Dramatic Monologues, 2 Sangeetha Rupakas and others) on theatrical arts, literature and culture.



I received 26 prestigious NANDI AWARDS(awards given to distinguished performances of verse drama in Telugu)(individually 12, including 2 GOLD NANDI's and 1 SILVER NANDI, my students bagged 10 NANDI awards, 1 GOLD and 3 Bronze NANDI's bagged by other teams which was scripted by me ) in various Nandi festivals organized by the government of Andhra Pradesh.


Besides Nandi Awards, I also received 28 GARUDA AWARDS from Sri Venkateswara Naatya Kala Parishad, Tirupathi. AP Telugu University recognised me the "BEST PLAYWRIGHT" in 2003, i got Sthanam Narasimha Rao Award in 2004 by Govt. of A.P.,  and I also won the "BEST TEACHER AWARD" of the Govt. of A.P. in 2005. In 2007 "BEST LITERARY AWARD" by Telugu University.Besides these awards, in view of my contributions to Telugu Poetic Drama, I was also awarded "KANDUKURI VISHISHTA PURASKARAM" in 2013 by the Govt. of A.P. In 2014, received "PRATIBHA AWARD" by Chatla Sri Ramulu, in 2016 received "GURAJADA AWARD" by U.S.A., in 2016 "GIDUGU BHASHA AWARD" was received from the Govt. of A.P.,in 2017 "KALARATNA HAMSA AWARD" by Govt. of A.P., in 2018 "LOK NAYAK AWARD" by Padma Bhushan Dr Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad.


I performed before maanyashri P.V. Narasimha Rao, the then Prime Minister of India in Madras Telugu Academy, a highly reputed institution in South India and also Madras Kala Sagar have presented distinguished award for  my contributions to theatrical arts.



I was also honoured by the presentation of "SWARNA KIREETA SATKARAM" in 1995, "SWARNA PUSHPABHISHEKAM" and "MOUKTIKABHISHEEKAM" in 2000, "SWARNA MAKARA KUNDALAALU" in 2004, "SWARNA KANKANAM" in 2006.


Eminent personalities such as MaanyaSri P V Narasimha Rao(former P.M of India), MaanyaSri Dr. Bejawada Gopala Reddy(then Governor, UP), MaanyaSri Dr.K Roshayya(Governor of Tamilnadu) and 12 times by the Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh, GMC BalaYogi(then Speaker of LokSabha), MaanyaSri M Venkayya Naidu, Central Minister, then M.P., MaanyaSri U. Krishnam Raju Central Minister and several AP Ministers have felicitated me on many an occasion.


Dr. T. Subba Rami Reddy, Central Minister, Dr. M V V S Murthy, M.P and eminent personalities like Jnanpith Awardee Dr. C. Narayana Reddy, Padma Vibhushan Dr Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Padma Bhushan Dr S P BalaSubrahmanayam, Padma Bhushan Dr Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, Padma Shri Kutikuppala SuryaRao and Padma Shri Turlapati Kutumba Rao felicitated me on different occasions. 


Research Work has been carried out on some of my works. In fact two M.Phils, three Ph.Ds. have been awarded. 


I have composed 11 CDs on Telugu Literature and Culture covering great poetic personalities like Paalkuriki Somanath, Pothana, Dhurjati, Basavanna, Telugu Velugu Jilugu etc..


I composed a unique genre called "Sangeetha Navaavadhanam" which is a blend of Music and Telugu Literature. It is referred to as "Sangeetha Saahitya Vishishta Vinutna Prakriya". I have given 120  performances in various parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and U.S.A (in national conventions like NATS, NATA, Silicon Andhra), New York, Dallas , Singapore and other countries etc.


I have presented 70 episodes of "Telugu Velugu" on ETV covering the grandeur of Telugu Poetry and 20 episodes of  "Padya Vaibhavam" on SVBC Channels.


I have attended several national and international seminars as resource person lecturing on various literary themes.


I served as a lecturer in Telugu for 28 years having been recruited for the post by A.P. Public Service Commission and also acted as the principal of Govt. Degree College in A.P. Govt. service and retired in 2013.


I have extended a great service to the public and to the student community through my books ,theatrical activities, literary programmes, speeches, lectures and international seminars enriching their knowledge and causing personality development.


I have attended first European Telugu Conference in Birmingham, UK in 1995 and performed before Padma Shri Dr N T Rama Rao, the then Chief Minister of A.P. I have visited U.S.A. (20 States) and India (11 states) participating in different literary and theatrical performances.


In Press, many newspapers have published special articles highlighting my THEATRICAL PERFORMANCES and on SANGEETHA NAVAAVADHAANAM.