Rasa Raga Sudha

Padmasri Dr.Brahmanandam Kanneganti Garu

Dr.Bramhanandam garu was born in a town in Sattenapalli near Guntur, India. He was born to Lakshminarsamma and Nagalingachary garu. He started his career as Professor in Athulli College in West Godavari district. He has acted in more than 1100 movies starting from Aha naa Pellanta to Jai Simha in his 33 years of movie career and still counting. 

He has won 6 Nandi Awards and he also holds a world record for the most number of screen credits for a living actor. He is also called “Haasya Bramha” which means creator of comedy .

He likes to spend time with family rather than going out and usually doesn’t step out of the house after 7 pm. He is known for his culinary skills among the Telugu industry. He likes to read books in his spare time and spiritualism is one of his genre in books.