About TAAI

Telugu Association of Australia Inc (TAAI) is a non-profit community organisation incorporated in July 1992. TAAI is a non political and secular organisation with the following Charter:

* To promote Telugu culture such as literature, language among the local residents who are Telugu speaking and of Telugu origin. 

* To maintain close collaboration with other social and cultural organisations at large and in particular with cultural organisations of Indian heritage. 

* To hold social and cultural events that are relevant to the background and origin of Telugu speaking people in Australia. 

* To promote cultural and social integration between Telugu community and the local Australian population at large. 

* To be responsive and in line with members wishes, needs and aspirations that is relevant to TAAI Charter. 

* To provide services that is in tune with TAAI Charter to members and Telugu Community in general. 

* To be fully accountable and transparent in financial and other matters to the membership of TAAI. 

* To effectively represent TAAI membership and their views to the Australian Governments of the day at all levels as needed.